The First Date Dont’s

There are certain guidelines that you should follow in or to have a successful date. Should you not follow one of these guidelines, be prepared to continue the date in an awkward light and do not expect to go out on another date with this individual. If you fail to follow these simple rules, you only have yourself to blame for the dating disaster.

Do Not Talk About Your Ex!

No mater if you have recently broken up or just can’t let go of the past, talking about your ex on your date in a definite turnoff. The last thing your date wants to hear is how wonderful or terrible you ex was.

Some silly people think that talking about the horrible situations they had in the past with their ex will make them more desirable. They think that it will elicit a sense of sympathy, but this idea could not be farther from the truth. Your date will most likely think that you are on the rebound and have some emotional problems that they do not want to deal with.

Do Not Talk On Your Cellular Phone!

Unless you want to bore your date to death, turn off your cell phone or don’t even bring it with you. If a phone call is important, they’ll leave a voice mail message and you can check them latter.

By talking on your cellular, you’re saying that your date is not worth your undivided attention and your implying that whoever you’re talking to is more important than them. Using a cellular phone during a dating is always a major turnoff, so just don’t do it.

Do Not Show Up Too Late For A Date!

One of the worst things you can do on your date is to show up late and keep them waiting. Nobody in their right mind likes to sit around wondering whether they have been stood up or not. Before heading out for a date, make sure you allocate extra time in arriving to your destination. Timeliness is key in making a good first impression. Many dates get cancelled or go strangely array from the beginning because of tardiness. Buy a watch and show up on time!

Do Not Drink Too Much & Become Intoxicated!

Excessive consumption of alcohol and other recreational drugs should not even be an issue on your dating lifestyle. There’s nothing less attractive than a perfectly nice date that’s drunk as a skunk and making a fool out of themselves and you. As far as first impressions… it’s almost impossible to recover from such instances.

The best way to avoid becoming too drunk is to simply not drink alcoholic beverages or to eat food before and during the date. You might also want to keep to the one drink per hour rule.

Do Not Talk About Building A Family!

There is nothing more frightening than going on a first date and having your date talk about marriage and family. Some would rather go out on that date with an axe murderer or someone who hears messages from other planets. Before sizing up your date for marriage material, remember that you only have known each other for a short period of time. Neither of you should be planning a wedding date just yet. Even if you’re looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, keep your great scheme to yourself for a while or risk scaring off potential suitors. If they are the “right” person, this subject will come up in the future.

Do Not Lie, Even Little Ones!

First dates are all about getting to know the honest truth about each other. If you’re bankrupt, unemployed or living with a roommate of the opposite sex, by all means do not lie about it because it will come out into the open eventually. Just one lie will lead to another, then another, and so on. Eventually, your whole persona and relationship will be superficial and based on lies.

Now you can omit some information, so long as you tell the truth when confronted point blank about the topic. Meaning, you don’t have to make a confession in the first ten minutes of every first date.

Do Not Ignore Your Date!

The key aspect to any successful date is for you to pay close attention to your date’s every word. Your date wants to be the center of your attention, so if you leer at everyone that walks by or constantly look out the window, then your date will most likely get offended by this sort of behavior. Keep your undivided attention directed at your date at all times. The perfect date can sometimes be defined as the person who makes you the center of their attention.

Do Not Come On Too Strong!

Unless you’re looking for nothing more than a one-night stand, keep your sexual comments and actions to a minimum. It is improper to insinuate sexual activities or to touch your date with sexual overtones on your first date. When getting to know someone for the first time, most individuals prefer to keep conversations and activities at a platonic level. Once you and your date are more familiar with each other, then you might want to advance to a higher sexual level together. Never try to push your date into any sexual situation.

Do Not Whine!

Telling you date what you expect and using phrases like “I want” and “I need” is an excellent way to spoil a romantic mood. The ‘bitch & moan’ routine should be saved for your personal friends and family, not your date. If you have your heart or mind set on something particular, strongly suggest it or take the lead, but keep your date’s opinion in mind and make sure they are fine with your arrangements. Whining will only make you look selfish and spoiled and needless to say, it won’t get you very many second dates.