A Closet disaster

Getting ready for your first date is not something to take lightly. Your first impression will have a lasting effect on the outing, so don’t be careless in your choice of clothes. While you may feel that looks and appearance are of no importance, your date may see things a little differently.

Why Clothes Make The Person

Your clothes are an extension of who you are and how you would like to be treated on your date. Risqué clothing may send the message that you’re interested in something a lot more than casual friendship, while business attire may leave your date wondering why you’re so serious.
In the clothes department, accomplishing a nice balance is crucial. There’s also the important consideration of dressing for the time and place. Whatever you do, avoid buying a new outfit for your first date. Wearing a favorite outfit will give you the peace of mind that a new ensemble can never equal.

Evening Wear for the Man

When dressing for a night out, most men think that their options are somewhat limited and they really don’t put as much time as they should into picking out their clothes. While men’s clothing may not be as complicated as women’s,  a great look is all in the details. The type of shirt, the color of the tie, the socks and shoes, all contribute to creating a strong impression.
The most common mistakes that guys make are dressing too casually and not taking enough style gambles. Women love a man who enjoys being bold and expresses his individuality through his clothes. No one is saying that you have to dress like Elton John to score big. Just pay careful attention to details and try to look through men’s fashion magazines on a regular basis, then incorporate your favorite looks with more traditional attire to become the ultimate sharp-dress man.

Day Wear for the Man

All you gentlemen out there, listen to this important warning: Do not make the mistake of under dressing. Just because you will be spending your dating time during the sunlit hours doesn’t mean you can throw on any dirty old thing. Always remember that stains are more visible in the daylight and dirty clothes always stink, even if you don’t think they do. Day clothing must be as impressive as your evening wear, so don’t waste this opportunity to show off you wonderful sense of style without over doing it.

Evening Wear for the Woman

Since your probably not sure about your date’s interest level, we caution against showing up in too revealing clothes. You should always take short minis, low-cut shirts and midriff-baring sweaters out of your first date experience. The last thing you need is for some guy you don’t even like to get the wrong impression.
Good date clothes should highlight your personality, style and sensuality. Comfort is a top priority. If you don’t feel good, you certainly are less likely to look good. Buying new shoes, a new dress, or a new pair of pants can lead to disaster. Something that may look great in a dressing room, may be uncomfortable and look awful after thirty minutes of wear. Romantic scenes never come about when you have to hobble because of new shoes or you have to back up everywhere you go because of a nasty seam run.
When selecting lingerie for your first date, remember that comfort should be your main consideration. Garter belts and  tight corsets should remain in your drawer for a later time. It’s hard enough making conversation without having to rework your bra strap during the date.

Day Wear for the Woman

We recommended that you didn’t dress too provocatively for evening dates and we’re also recommending this for daytime dates as well. High heels and short skirts look even more tawdry in the daylight. Dressing this way may not only make you feel self-conscious, but it also might make your date feel uncomfortable.
Choose clothes that flatter your physique, but that are comfortable as well. If your going out on an active event for your date, you can wear athletic clothing that is somewhat revealing, but don’t go overboard.
Do not take this casual suggestion as a reason to go out wearing your pajamas though. Looking casual should take just as much time and preparation as dressing up for you second evening date. Make every effort to look your best!