Dealing with Rejection

Getting rejected is tough. Even the most confident people have a hard time dealing with it. You may have done everything just right in your eyes, but there will be those insane moments when you are faced with the realization that their individuals out there that are neither thinking of you nor loving you at this moment. We must learn to take rejection in stride instead of a temper tantrum because it will serve us well both in the long run and the short run.
As one of the famous philosophers stated, “That which does not destroy us only makes us stronger”. When it comes to rejections, this statement couldn’t be more appropriate. Being refused can actually serve as an invaluable learning experience. If you accept the fact that you will always have to overcome obstacles in life in order to achieve your goals, you will soon understand that rejection just makes you a more rounded and successful person. It is rejection and failure that reveal our limitations and motivate us to overcome them.

Saving Face

The problem with rejection is that it’s usually not the refusal that hurts, but having to get out of the sticky situation. Its somewhat human nature to pout, criticize, or storm away when confronted by a flat-out, unapologetic rejection. It’s hard to walk away with your head held high when you’ve just had your hopes terminated.

But rejection really doesn’t have to be so painful. There are an abundance of ways to gracefully extricate yourself from this sticky situation and also maintain your dignity in the process. Once you learn some primary techniques for handling rejection, you will not only feel good about yourself, but actually feel better than before you where rejected.

Be Polite

If you have ever believed in the theory of Killing with Kindness, now is the time to make the best use of it. When you are rejected, you can save face by simply being polite. You can say how nice it was to converse with her or him and even mention something about staying friends in the future. Politeness will give you a sense of superiority that no known act of rudeness will achieve. This way you will come off looking like the bigger, better person for having the grace and character not to hold a grudge as well.

Recommend a Setup

This technique can really get your sense of dignity going strong. This is an age-old secret known and used be a select few for many generations. This rejection strategy works wonders no matter what situation you are in.

Next time you innocently ask for someone’s number, only to get blown off, you should explain that you were hoping to set that person up with one of your single friends. By using this approach, you will be saying that you never really cared about going out with that individual, and would even go so far as to pass them around like they were a piece of merchandise, such as a gift. In one monumental switch, you have won back the upper hand.

Appreciate Their Honestly

If you thank someone for being honest, you will always be able to turn a negative situation into an positive one.

Always Keep Smiling

Even though rejection hurts, never let someone see your pain. No matter how sensitive a person you consider yourself to be, you’ll almost always regret it by the next morning. If you run into that person again, you don’t want them and their friends to break into laughter at the sight of you pathetically fragile self.

The easiest way around this situation is for you to keep your composure by plastering a smile on your face. Even if you feel like falling down on the ground and crying like a helpless baby, you will begin feeling happy through your grin. That’s the ultimate beauty of a smile… if you can fake it for a little while, it will lift your spirits to the point where it become genuine.