I am ready to marry but he doesn’t

“I need some advice! The “LOVE” of my life is a few years older than me and I feel that I am ready to marry but he doesn’t! Can you please give me some advice?”
Katy, Georgia

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make your partner commit to marriage and this is actually a good thing. If you were able to force your partner into marriage, then chances are they are not ready and wouldn’t be 100 percent committed into making the marriage work. One of the leading contributors to such a high divorce rate is because the couples were not prepared for all aspects of the married life.
With that said, all is not lost or hopeless. There are little things or hints that you can use with your partner that will help in speeding up the pre-marriage process. One thing you can do is look at engagement rings in a humorous light. For example, the next time you are in a shopping mall, pop into a jewelry store and eventually wonder over the engagement rings. Make fun of the ridiculously gaudy and obscenely expensive rings. You can also start pausing when passing a bridal store. Its really the little, quiet hints that will get them thinking in the same direction you would like to be going.