How can I make my date interested in me

“I would really like to know how can I make my date interested in me… and dying to go out with me again?”
Annie, Michigan

There’s no one sure way to make your date fall head- over-heels over you, but there are some attitudes, tricks and gestures you might use to charm your way into his (or her) heart. It is very important to make your love interest feel attractive & unique.

There are several ways to charm your date and the first way is to pay attention to them. You need to make them feel like they’re the most important person in the room. Another way is to display the proper body language. You should try to mirror their body language. People are usually attracted to like minded individuals and by copying their body language, it conveys that you have a lot in common. Finally, you need to flirt and to be playful. Make eye contact and smile. Touch them in a playful way. Make them enjoy themselves and you.