I always feel like I’m not good enough…

 “Could you possibly tell me on how I am suppose to meet a guy, without going all red. I always feel like I’m not good enough for them?”
Deborah, Washington

Confidence is a learned skill, just like riding a bicycle. You can easily make confidence a habit with enough practiced. People who seem to have their act together didn’t get there overnight. It definitely takes a certain amount of determination and risk-taking to get yourself to the point where you can meet a guy (or girl) without going all red. But once you’re successful, and yes, you will be successful, you’ll begin to discover that gaining confidence is not as hard at it looks. Here are some confidence boosters that will get you mingling in no time.
Stand up straight. Sometimes appearing confident is as simple as straightening your spine. A slumped posture creates low self-esteem or the appearance of one. Smile! The power of the smile should never be underestimated. Smiling is a safe way to boost your confidence and announce that your interested and interesting. Talk with determination. If you’re really looking to boot your confidence, you need to pay special attention to your voice. A quite voice reveals a high intimidation factor or insecurity. A nasal voice sounds like your whining or complaining. You should always speak up, speak slowly and don’t forget to breathe. Make eye contact. Ultimately, the best way to convey confidence is to hold long lingering look for more that three seconds.