What should I do for her birthday?

“I’ve only been out with a certain girl on three dates and her birthday is next week. What should I do for her birthday to show her I care without going overboard?”
Derrick, Florida

Birthdays can be a difficult time for those of us who live in mortal fear of the aging process. But what many don’t realize is that birthdays take just as great a toll on the birthday girl’s or boy’s love interest. Most people in new relationships feel as if they’re on trial and awaiting judgment when giving a gift.
Picking the perfect present would be a whole lot easier if you consider the most important determining factor which is relationship duration. The amount of time the two of you have spent together should have a direct impact on the two variables of creativity and cost.
After just three or four dates, the general rule is to acknowledge the occasion without going overboard. Spending hundreds of dollars on someone you’re just getting to know is definitely no solution. After you’ve shared a few dates, a humble token of you affection will suffice to say that you cared enough to give something. I would suggest flowers at work or some music CDs that she’s been wanting.